Learning to Receive Revelation

March 2-8, 2020

Opening Song

Opening Prayer

*One of the most important things we can teach children is how to receive revelation for themselves. They are more ready for it then you think, and this generation will need this tool more than any generation before it. 

Scripture Reading: 2 Nephi 32:3

Discussion: Write the two following questions on two separate sheets of paper. “Where can we find the words of Christ?” “How can we recognize revelation?” Place both sheets of paper in a place that is easily accessible for everyone (edge of table, middle of table, wherever people can reach). Everyone gets their own pen. They have three minutes (you can adjust the time if you like) to write down as many answers to either question as they can (or you can do one question at a time). Read over the answers as a group. Ask anyone if they have any experiences with specific answers.

Video: Watch “Patterns of Light: Spirit of Revelation” by Elder Bednar

Discussion Follow-up: Does anyone have any extra answers that they thought of for these questions? It’s okay if no one does. Explain that sometimes Heavenly Father gives us answers in unconventional ways: through the words of a friend, in a dream, when we don’t even know it’s happening. Consider sharing an experience you’ve had receiving revelation in an unconventional way. 

Activity: This activity is going to potentially require much more guidance from the Spirit than previous lessons. Feel free to modify it in any way that will fit your family’s circumstances. You can do this “activity” in two different ways. You can ask your children to come up with a question that they need revelation for; this may be a specific question for their lives or a question about doctrine. Consider asking them ahead of time to come prepared with a question that they’ve prayed about. One of the most powerful things you can in this activity is to get out of the way as much as you possibly can and allow your children to do it themselves. If you feel so prompted, maybe you’ve had a question on your mind that you’ve wanted to seek inspiration for in regards to your family. If that is the case, please consider not finding your answer before the lesson. The point of this activity is to set up an opportunity for your children to find the answer. Designate someone in the family to pray and ask Heavenly Father the question, and then, have another family member open their scriptures. You can either open to this week’s scripture block, or you can be brave and have them open to a random spot. Everyone can turn to that same spot and then begin reading.

*Tips to make this activity work:

  • It’s actually okay if you don’t find an answer right then. This would be a good time to ask your children why they might not have received the answer immediately. You can teach that sometimes the Lord has His own timing, and you can also teach that sometimes the Lord expects more work from us so that we can better appreciate His answers. Encourage your children to continue to seek the answer diligently.
  • The prayer really is crucial before seeking the answer. Taking the time to pray will teach your children that they need to pray and specifically ask.
  • Pause every couple of verses and ask if anyone is receiving anything. Ask if they see any symbols that might give tips to what Heavenly Father is trying to teach the family.
  • If you or your children have chosen a question with a “yes or no” answer, consider having a family discussion about it first. Come up with reasons for either answer; write them down. “Study it out in your mind” like Oliver Cowdery. Going through this process will teach your children the process of revelation. Then, together as a family, try to make up your own mind. Make a decision, and then pray about whether it was right. If you didn’t get a yes or no, you can refer back to the first bullet, or you can teach that sometimes Heavenly Father expects us to move forward with faith before He gives us an answer.
  • Make sure everyone has something to write on and something to write with. 
  • The biggest, most important tip I can give you is to do everything in your power to invite the Spirit. Not only does this mean praying and singing and reading scriptures and watching the video. This means being patient if one of your children is loud. This means repenting if you’ve made mistakes during the day so that you can properly lead out. This means letting go and letting the Lord direct this portion of the activity. I promise that children can receive answers just as well (if not better) than us.

*If you’re feeling nervous about this activity, don’t. Trust Heavenly Father to answer your children in a way that will help them learn what they need to learn. My father made us all journals when we were kids. We would read the scriptures as a family, and then we all had to sit and write out our thoughts afterwards. I was so young, and yet it was still so powerful. 

Bear testimony

Closing Song

Closing Prayer

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