How to Teach About Fear

March 23-29


6 And they were scattered upon much of the face of the land, and the Lamanites also. And they were exceedingly more numerous than were they of the Nephites; and they loved murder and would drink the blood of beasts.

9 And thus being prepared to meet the Lamanites, they did not prosper against us. But the word of the Lord was verified, which he spake unto our fathers, saying that: Inasmuch as ye will keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land.

Opening Song

Opening Prayer

Discussion: Grab a large sheet of white paper, preferably larger than computer paper but use what you have. Everyone gets a crayon, marker, or pen. Have everyone write something that they are currently worried about or are afraid of. They don’t have to write in a list unless they prefer it; it can be written all over the paper. It may center around some of the things that are going on in the world right now, or they may be the normal fears of young children depending on the age groups in your family. 

Scriptures: Read Jarom 1:6. Ask your children what the Nephites might have been scared of? Add those things to the same paper you were just writing on. These things may include Lamanites, war, parents worrying for children, children worried for fathers and brothers, food. Maybe some of their worries are similar to our worries today. 

Read Jarom 1:9. What has the Lord promised us? “He has promised to take care of us if we keep the commandments.” Flip your paper over, and write that promise in the middle of the page. 

Now, around that promise, have your family start listing ways that Heavenly Father has taken care of you in the past. You may want to start with a personal example that you’ve seen that directly answers one of the fears that they stated or a fear that you stated. These examples may include a story of tithing and how the Lord took care of you. Maybe you’ve received a prompting to save money, or you followed a prompting to gather food storage. There may be a myriad of things that you can write here. Don’t be worried if your kids can’t think of anything off the top of their heads. Try to prompt them or just use this as a time to share your own experiences. Those can be encouraging as well. If at all possible, help them to participate. It makes a stronger experience.

Bear Testimony. You can bear your testimony that the Lord will carry us through our fears or anything else you may be prompted to share.

Closing Song

Closing Prayer

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