Christ Noticed

March 30-April 12

Opening Song

Opening Prayer

Scriptures/Discussion: 3 Nephi 17:1-5 Take turns reading as a family with the following question in mind. Better yet, have it visible.

What all did Jesus do in these verses? (Make a list)

Proceed to make a list of everything Jesus did in those verses. Your kids may or may not get this, but try to prompt them towards it: Jesus noticed and perceived those around Him. He did many good things, but that’s the one we want to talk about today.

Help your children see how the scriptures teach us that Jesus noticed the people two different times in these five verses. 

Proceed to ask the following questions.

Why did Jesus take the time to look around at everyone?

What happened when Jesus took the time to look around?

Where are some places that we can take time to look around?

Why do you think it’s hard to take the time to look around?

How can we remember to look around so we can find someone who needs help?

Why would we want to find someone else who needs help?


This activity is going to look different for everyone. The best way to teach a principle is to live it; there are a couple of different options for this one.  

Option 1: Each child gets a small piece of paper and pen. Give them a small amount of time to really think about people in their lives, to “notice” people, and think of a way that they can serve them. Tell them that praying for ideas is a really good way to start. Heavenly Father loves to teach us who needs our help. Then give them some time to make a plan on their sheet of paper (or to get started on their service). Don’t be afraid to let them search ideas on their phones. With this option, each child is going to take a different amount of time. If one child can’t think of something, you can help them by asking questions such as, “Who might feel lonely right now?” or something along those lines. Try to let them receive the revelation though. Another child may be done in a couple of minutes. Another child may need more time. Feel it out. It’s okay to end the lesson with a song and prayer before everyone is done. Those who take longer can continue after the lesson ends.

Option 2: Truly take time to seek revelation about a service project that you can do with your family. Then, as a family, you can make a plan to go through with it, or you can start serving right there. Share with your family how you came up with the idea, especially noting how you thought about others until you had an idea just like Christ did. If it’s a long idea or an idea that takes you out of the house, I recommend ending the lesson with a song and prayer and then going out and getting started. 

Option 3: If your kids are really young, there are still ways to serve. Just bear a simple testimony to them in a sentence or two and then go out and serve. You may write a letter and have them color on it. You may Facetime a close family member who may be lonely (hello social distancing). Make sure to connect the activity back to the lesson for them.

Closing Song

Closing Prayer

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