Design Your Own Superhero

April 20-26

Opening Song

Opening Prayer

Activity: Each child gets a sheet of paper with whatever coloring utensils you prefer. On the front of the sheet, kids can draw their personal superhero. On the back of the sheet, they can list the things that their personal superhero might do for them. Take some time for each child to share about their superhero. 

Scripture/Discussion: As family, read Mosiah 4:9. Ask your children to name some of the things that makes God like a superhero. Ask your children how He compares to the superhero they have drawn. Ask your children how He compares to superheroes they know of. 

There may be things that don’t follow perfectly along with their favorite superhero. For example, perhaps your kids wanted a superhero who could get them candy whenever they wanted it. Why might God not give us candy whenever we want? 

How has God already been a superhero in their lives? Help them think of ways that He has answered prayers.

How can we “believe” in God? How can we show that we believe?

Bear testimony. It may be appropriate to bear testimony of how He has been a superhero in your life or how He is better than any superhero we can think of because of how much He loves us.

Closing Song

Closing Prayer

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