Teaching kids to write Christ in their hearts

May 4-10

Opening song

Opening prayer

Activity: Have a large heart cut out of paper. You can also just cut out paper hearts for each family member. On that heart, have each child write or draw some of the things that they love. You may draw for some of your younger children what they love. 

Ask the family, “What are some of the things you do because you love —–?” For example, if one of your children wrote “soccer,” you may ask them what they do in their lives because they love soccer.

Scripture and Discussion: Mosiah 13:11 is the verse that is going to be focused on right now. Before reading it as a family, it may help to give a little bit of the background story. Abinadi has been teaching the wicked King Noah and his priests about Jesus Christ. These priests are teaching people about the law of Moses, but they are not living the law of Moses. Mosiah 13:11 is one of the things that Abinadi tells the priests. 

What do you think that scripture means? How do we have the commandments written in our hearts?

After having your children answer some of those questions, you can share one of the ways that President Eyring has recommended in his talk, “That He May Write upon Our Hearts.”

“Our goal when we teach our children to pray is for them to want God to write upon their hearts and be willing then to go and do what God asks of them.”

What is President Eyring recommending we do?

Activity Follow-up: Circle back to the hearts that everyone wrote on in the beginning. Testify to your children that when we pray, we can ask Heavenly Father what He wants us to put in our hearts. When it is in our hearts, we usually want to act on it because we love it so much.

Give your family a minute to review their hearts. Have them listen for the Spirit and ponder whether there is anything Heavenly Father wants them to add right then.

Bear testimony

Closing Song

Closing Prayer

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