Priestcraft: What is it and does it still exist in the church today?

May 25-31

Opening Song

Opening Prayer

Discussion: Gather a large sheet of white paper (big enough for everyone in your family to write on). At the top, write the word “Priestcraft” and have your kids write as much as they know about the word. This may include definitions, examples, or questions.

Scriptures: Read the following scriptures. You can read them together as a family and designate a writer, or you can split the scriptures amongst children and everyone can write all over the paper. The idea of this activity is to expand our definition beyond “making money for teaching the gospel.” Try to brainstorm ways that your children are involved at church. How can they ensure that their hearts are in the right place? What are some examples of priestcraft we see in our day? Perhaps we don’t see many examples in our church of people making money for preaching the gospel, but there are examples of people preaching the gospel for honor. 

Alma 1:2-3

Alma 1:5-6

Alma 1:16-17

Alma 1:19-20

After all examples and definitions are written down, the most important discussion to have surrounds the following question. How can we make sure our hearts are pointed towards Christ? Consider reading Alma 1:26-30 for more ideas.

Bear testimony

Closing Song

Closing Prayer

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