The Words of Those Who Slumbered

February 24-March 1, 2020

Opening Song (Book of Mormon Stories is a good option)

Opening Prayer

Activity: Hand out a piece of paper and pen to each person. Announce that you are all currently on an airplane. The engines have exploded, and you are hurtling to the earth where you will not survive. Everyone has 3-5 minutes to write their last letters to a family member or friend; make sure they have your promise that you will not read the letters. We really want them to write sincere last letters to their loved ones. Start the timer, and let them write. If you have a younger child, you can help them write a letter. As soon as the time is up, collect the letters upside down in order to keep their privacy. Walk to the front of the room where everyone can see you with the letters and proceed to rip them all up. Throw them in the trash and act as if nothing odd just happened.

Scripture Reading/Discussion: 2 Nephi 27:6, 9, 14. See if any of your children can explain what is happening in those scriptures. If they need some extra guidance, you can write some of the symbols on a piece of paper where everyone can see them. Write the following:

-The book brought by the Lord-The Book of Mormon

-Those who have slumbered-ancient Nephite prophets. 

-“A man” (v. 9)-Moroni

-“Another” (v. 9)-Joseph Smith

You can either help them come up with the symbolism or just point it out to them, whichever fits the developmental level of your children best. Reread the verses if necessary. What you really want them to understand from these verses is that Nephite prophets have passed away, but before they did, they wrote these scriptures specifically for us. 

After reading the verses, you’re going to want to share the following in your own words.

“The Nephite prophets literally saw our day. They had visions of us, and they wanted to share their knowledge with other people so that it could help them. How could they share their knowledge with us if they didn’t write it down? We wouldn’t have these words if they didn’t do the hard work of engraving them upon the plates. How did you feel when I ripped up your last words? How do you think they feel when we don’t read their last words? How can their words help us?”

1 Nephi 19:18 and Jacob 1:4 are both great verses to read here even though they are not part of this week’s scripture block.

Testimony: Invite one of your children (or your spouse) to prepare a small testimony about how the scriptures have blessed their life.

Closing Song (Scripture Power is a good option)

Closing Prayer

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