The Lord provided means

April 19-25

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QUICK IRRELEVANT SIDE NOTE. As I was preparing for this post, I found my mind wandering a ton while attempting to read the sections. There seemed to be a ton of information, and I couldn’t find central themes to follow. It felt like the Lord was jumping around a ton, and as I learned about these sections further, I learned that He was doing exactly that. Some of these revelations are in direct response to what is occurring around the Saints and in answer to the specific questions they’re asking. If you find yourself getting lost as things seem to jump around, I HIGHLY recommend reading the institute manual as you read the sections. It completely changed the revelations because I had context for why the Lord was throwing in different answers. 

So many of the Saints have now gathered to Ohio where the Lord promised to give His law. Section 42 became known as “the law” and it was published so that the Saints could all use it. There are a couple of things occurring in Ohio that help us understand why these sections were so necessary. The converts in Ohio were converted by missionaries originally sent to the Lamanites. When the missionaries left, they didn’t really have anyone to follow so things got a little chaotic. People were receiving false revelation and following odd things; many of these people were brand new to the gospel and didn’t have the luxury of being near Joseph Smith or the incoming revelations that would one day become the Doctrine and Covenants. 

Lines of Communication

So one of the things that the Lord establishes in these sections is the priesthood line of communication. This is what President Oaks called it back in October 2010. The Lord promised to always guide His church through the prophet, and if the prophet goes astray, he will have his power stripped for him except to designate a new prophet in his stead. When the Lord wants to guide a group of people, He will do it through the proper channels. Even in our day, there are people who claim to be receiving revelations that the prophets and apostles aren’t ready for. There are times that the Lord gives personal messages and revelations to us for us, but those are not meant to be shared and lived by as law for anyone else. In fact, we should often keep those sacred and only share when directed by the Spirit. If the Lord wants to take His church in a different direction, it will come through the general authorities.

There is a second line of communication that Elder Oaks talks about back in 2010; he coins this the personal line of communication. This line is as essential as the priesthood line, and without either line, we can’t ultimately live the Plan of Salvation and become like our Heavenly Parents. The priesthood line helps us determine solidified doctrine. It gives us something that we can test our own personal revelation against, but the personal line is no less important. Without the personal line of communication, we wouldn’t grow. Without the personal line of communication, we would have to follow the priesthood line blindly as sheep and hope that we were following the right spiritual leaders. There would be no need to struggle and push back and figure things out. There would be no way to receive personal guidance that falls outside the realm of general doctrine. For example, the church may give us guidelines about how to choose good friends, but it is the personal line of communication that helps us discern whether our church friend is actually a positive influence OR whether our friend who swears is actually a really good person. Doctrine may be black and white, but people are gray areas with good and bad and so it is the personal line of communication that gives practical guidance when the doctrine doesn’t have specifics. 

The sections for this week do not talk a whole lot about this personal line of communication, but there is a reason I brought it up so bear with me and we’ll come full circle.

Providing Means for the Priesthood Line of Communication

One specific policy that the Lord put in place was a way to provide for the prophet and his family.

Doctrine and Covenants 41:7 And again, it is meet that my servant Joseph Smith, Jun., should have a house built, in which to live and translate.

Doctrine and Covenants 43:12-14

12 And if ye desire the glories of the kingdom, appoint ye my servant Joseph Smith, Jun., and uphold him before me by the prayer of faith.

13 And again, I say unto you, that if ye desire the mysteries of the kingdom, provide for him food and raiment, and whatsoever thing he needeth to accomplish the work wherewith I have commanded him;

14 And if ye do it not he shall remain unto them that have received him, that I may reserve unto myself a pure people before me.

So Joseph Smith had a ton on his plate. As humans, we have limited resources, energy, and time with which to live our lives. The Lord had very specific purposes for Joseph Smith, and Joseph had his work cut out for him. If he was to complete the work the God had given him, there simply wouldn’t be time for other kinds of work. Plain and simple. Sometimes this may feel interesting because most of our church leadership is composed of volunteers. Our general authorities receive a salary in our day as well (paid from out of the church’s investments, not tithing) because many of them left jobs to come and serve the Lord.

We’re used to most of our clergy being volunteers, but occasionally, church jobs are so time consuming that regular jobs can’t be completed as well.

When we think about what we have received from our general authorities recently (Come Follow Me, family search digitized, home-centered study), we know just how valuable their contributions are. We need them and the work they perform, and they need to be supported in order to continue to give us these contributions. 

So the Lord provided a way for Joseph to work on the translation of the bible as well as some of his other duties as prophet. The Saints were to build him a house and provide for him and his family. They had a modest home built on Isaac Morley’s farm after spending a few weeks living with the Newel K. Whitney’s family. Edward Partridge was called as a bishop, and he likewise received a remuneration (or payment) for his services. Though, I will point out, Edward Partridge wasn’t like the traditional bishops of our day. 

So the Lord has set a pattern for us. He has provided a way for His full-time leaders to be cared for so that His church can be properly led and cared for. How do we follow this pattern He has set? We follow it with our personal line of communication.

Providing Means for Our Personal Line of Communication

As I mentioned way back at the beginning of this post, our personal line of communication is just as important as the priesthood line of communication. Neither can replace the other. Get rid of either line, and the work of God would be frustrated either through church-wide apostasy or a personal apostasy. The Lord has provided means for the priesthood line; are we providing means for personal line of communication?

Once again, as humans, we have limited resources, energy, and time. We came to earth to become like our Heavenly Father. We didn’t come here to play or become CEO or have the cleanest house or the most popular social media posts. We came here to become like God. Some of resources, energy, and time will go towards play (and that’s important). For some of use, it will go towards social media marketing or working or school, but can you imagine spending all of your resources on things that didn’t include your true purpose?

I once sent my husband to the store to pick up some stuff for dinner. Wanna know what he came back with? A ten pound bag of gummy sharks.

We have to spend our life currency in the most important areas.

Elder Richard G. Scott taught, “Feasting on the word of God each day is more important than sleep, school, work, television shows, video games or social media. You may need to reorganize your priorities to provide time for the study of the word of God. If so, do it.”

It is so easy to get caught up in worldly things, and I’m not talking about fashion and trends and hashtags. I’m talking about getting so caught up in maintaining our lives that we forget why we even came here to live. Do not get so caught up in your work that you don’t make time for God. Do not get so caught up in digital time that you neglect your relationship with your Father in Heaven who loves and adores and sacrifices for you, who spends numberless hours of time thinking about you. Do not neglect Him. 

Follow the pattern of the Lord. Give resources, energy, and time towards your personal line of communication just as He provided means for the priesthood line of communication.

4 thoughts on “The Lord provided means

  1. My family and I have watched your lessons since about Thanksgiving. You are awesome! If you’re willing… I’m wondering if you’d be willing to tackle an issue for me. One of my very good friends has recently left the church. All he will say is that information in the JS Papers concerns him. I do not wish to read those in the event I follow suit.
    Are you familiar? What am I missing? How can I be a resource for Jeremy?


    • I’m grateful to hear that you’ve enjoyed the lessons! It really is encouraging.

      I’ve read some of the information in the Joseph Smith Papers. Something that’s important to understand is that the Joseph Smith Papers have had many different reactions. I know people who helped put the books together, and the books significantly increased their love and testimony of the prophet and then there have been others who feel troubled over them. First and foremost, the thing that you need to truly BELIEVE is that those who are troubled with the information are not necessarily less righteous than those who find their faith bolstered by the books. As an example, if Jeremy finds himself concerned about polygamy, it’s probably because he’s a good man who cares about women. We can’t fault him for that. Caring about women is a GOOD feeling to have. The difference between Jeremy and someone else is that Jeremy has not yet received an answer from the Spirit that will help him reconcile information and feelings with the Lord’s plan. He’s not necessarily more or less righteous than someone who loves the books; he just hasn’t received his answer from the Lord. That will take time.

      I’m assuming Jeremy is an adult; he’s going to make his own decisions regarding the church. How you respond to Jeremy will determine two things: what his relationship is with you in the future and POTENTIALLY his willingness to open up to you in the future about what he’s struggled with.

      I’ve found that when someone has a faith crisis, the answers that WE have received from the Lord were meant for us; those answers will not often help someone else. Trying to explain away their doubts and troubles by explaining our own experiences with the issues doesn’t help them because revelation is so personal. The Lord will give different answers to everyone. The Lord knows Jeremy and will love and work with him; have faith that the Lord has the ability to turn this experience into something that will help Jeremy become powerful. Your role is to love unconditionally. Let the Lord make the judgements. I think sometimes we’re afraid to validate that the church isn’t perfect or that prophets are not perfect because validating those fears may cause Jeremy to think he’s justified in leaving. I’ve found that the opposite is most often true. Validating his concerns without trying to explain or constantly share our own testimonies invites the Spirit. It puts away our own agendas, and it helps them feel safe enough to share openly. It helps them feel your love and acceptance which in turn helps them feel the Savior’s love. Your explanations and testimony will not save your friend (unless you are directly prompted by the Spirit to share something specific). It will be your love that invites them to feel the Spirit again, and the Spirit will work on them as perfectly as possible. Sit with them. Listen if they share. Don’t try to explain it away; simply say things like, “I can see how that would trouble you,” and then leave it at that even if you’re dying to share your testimony. Let them feel safe, and eventually the Lord will reach them. It might be through you or it might be through someone else. Your willingness to listen and accept them will be your testimony that they are important and loved.

      I can give advice every day and all day (I love talking…), but the Spirit is the only one who can guide you perfectly with your friend. Use this as an opportunity to deepen your own relationship with Christ and to learn how to receive revelation more fully!


      • You’re amazing. Your thoughtful response is very much appreciated! Yes, I’m seeking additional support through prayer. Just wanted your two cents worth as well because your knowledge of the scriptures is TWICE mine.
        I’m a convert so there’s a sense in me that I’m always a day late and a dollar short pertaining to my knowledge of the gospel. : )


      • I wish I could describe the things I’ve learned since starting a blog and YouTube channel. Most of the people who do things like this are institute teachers or professionals. I really am just some mom at home. Everything I post or talk about usually comes as a consequence of something the Lord literally taught me that week. Over and over I’m reminded of how unqualified I am (trying to write or talk about anything usually results in me hitting my head against a wall) until the Lord steps in. Please don’t mistake this for putting myself down; I’m often overwhelmed when I think about how the Lord has been able to help me do things beyond my own power. I just wish I could describe how the Lord has taught me about what truly matters as I’ve struggled with whether I have anything worth sharing with other people. Knowledge pales in comparison to pure desires and love for the Lord, and I’ve found that converts tend to be overflowing with that kind of thing. Nevertheless, I’m grateful you reached out. It’s always uplifting to bounce ideas off of each other; it helps the Sprit communicate sometimes. Thanks again for commenting. It’s always very encouraging.


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