4 Ways to Use Preach My Gospel at Home

I am utterly convinced that Preach My Gospel is the most underrated book in our libraries. It is powerful and clear and answers so many questions. The doctrine is so easily understood, and it’s put in such a logical manner. I love it. If you’re not using this book, you’re missing out.

Ways to Use Preach My Gospel in Your Home

Ask “Why?”

I had a mission leader at the beginning of my service who was a rockstar. He was so good. He would give these trainings that would blow my mind, and he would teach doctrine in ways that I had never heard. I finally asked him where he was getting all of this stuff with our limited missionary library. His response literally changed my life as he forever changed how I studied the gospel.

He answered, “Don’t seek out deep doctrine. Study simple doctrines deeply.”

He then proceeded to teach me how to study them deeply; it’s as simple as asking “why.” Question statements that you’ve accepted your entire life. Question statements that you think you understand. For example…

Why do we have to walk by faith? Why is it such a big deal to choose Heavenly Father without remembering our heavenly home? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have that knowledge?

Why is it important to be modest? We often explain that covering our bodies means that we’re respecting them, but why is covering equivalent to respect? Don’t get me wrong; I’m not suggesting we abandon modesty. I’m just asking why it’s actually important. 

Why does He love us? I promise there are better answers than “He’s perfect.”

And when you hit dead ends, Preach My Gospel gives very reliable doctrine. I can almost always find my answers in Preach My Gospel.

Have your children practice teaching

I spent my entire life in this church. I thought I knew the doctrine, but Preach My Gospel taught me best. I knew things like the First Vision and the different commandments, but it never came together into one great whole until I was teaching it on my mission. Have your children teach this doctrine in your home. Give them a chapter, section, or principle.

Give them some guidelines. For example, teach them a good outline to work through. Songs, prayers, quotes from Preach My Gospel, quotes from other sources, scriptures, and questions are all really important aspects of a good lesson. 

Teach them to pray about and for their siblings. What might their siblings need? How can they address it in their lessons?

Regularly check in with the attribute activity

If your child is struggling to come up with goals for the Children and Youth Program, the attribute activity in Preach My Gospel is a BEAUTIFUL place to start. It really helps them understand whether they have a good grasp on Christlike attributes, and it even gives them a way to measure themselves. 

If they’re working on charity, they can make a goal to become more charitable over the course of two months. They can rate themselves in that section each week to see if they’ve improved. 

Build their testimonies on purpose

Help your children pick out principles in the manual to gain a testimony on. There are lots of things that they may never have considered developing a testimony of. 

Do they believe in the spirit world? What does that really mean for them?

Have they specifically asked Heavenly Father about the prophet? Does the prophet really affect their life at all?

Do they have a testimony of daily scriptures study?

Testimonies can happen very young if we do it on purpose. Kids don’t have to wait until their missions to learn these truths for themselves. 

Preach My Gospel truly came from God. When two hour church happened, I feel like a majority of active members latched on to Come Follow Me and have loved it. I promise that Preach My Gospel can add even more to our lives if we proactively seek.

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