25 Ways to invite the Spirit

For a missionary discussion or otherwise!

Invite the Spirit. It’s one of the most essential characteristics of an effective missionary discussion. Joseph Smith taught, “No man can preach the Gospel without the Holy Ghost.”

That’s all fine and nice, but how do we invite the Spirit? There’s the obvious answer of “keeping the commandments,” but there are a lot more ways to invite the Spirit than we normally think of. Here is a non-comprehensive list:

  1. Don’t get mad at your family if the house isn’t clean. Yes, a clean house invites the Spirit, but negative feelings towards your family completely negates any progress you would have made with cleanliness. The Lord knows we try.
  2. Play uplifting music (doesn’t always have to be church music!)
  3. Pause and be quiet for a moment
  4. Pray specifically for the Spirit to enter your home
  5. Do some family history work
  6. Play a conference talk in the background (even if you can’t listen super well all the time)
  7. Take a break from your phone and computer
  8. Workout, drink water, eat good food
  9. Make a list of things you’re thankful for
  10. Text or call someone who may need it
  11. Hug a family member
  12. Reach out to a ministering assignment
  13. Let go of your to-do list
  14. Write a missionary
  15. Get enough sleep
  16. Play with your pet
  17. Take a mental note of someone in your family who could use some attention
  18. Play a game with a family member or friend
  19. Go for a walk and notice things around you
  20. Take a few deep breaths and try to notice if the Spirit is trying to tell you something
  21. Let go of worries
  22. Be quiet internally even if the world around you is chaos
  23. Read a uplifting book
  24. Pray for the person who will be learning from the missionaries
  25. Set a new goal

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